Newborns and infants are not able to tell you when they are hungry, but they do communicate with you to let you know. As you get to know your little one you will start to pick up on the signs that they are hungry.

Here are some of the common signs to know when your baby is hungry.

Signs of Hunger

  • Your baby is awake or is waking up
  • Legs and arms are moving
  • Fingers are going in their mouth
  • Sucking on lips or tongue
  • Their head is moving from side to side
  • Your baby is turning towards your breast when you are holding it
  • Your baby is making little sounds
  • Your baby is making faces
  • Your baby becomes restless


There are many that will tell you that you baby will cry when they are hungry and this is true, but this is a late sign of hunger. If your baby has reached crying stage then they are probably very hungry and getting frustrated. It can be hard to calm a crying baby and feeding might become a pain as your baby is now tired as well.

You should then try and feed your baby before the crying starts.

What Happens if there are still Hunger signs after a Feeding

When you pay attention to your babies cues you will notice that they are hungry every hour or so for a few hours and will then sleep longer.

If you think that your baby is hungry then offer them food even if it seems quiet frequent.

There are times that babies will want to cluster feed, which is when they want to nurse a lot in a short period of time.

Sleepy Babies

If you have a sleepy baby you might not pick up on the hunger signs.

A newborn will need to eat 8 to 12 times in a 24-hour period, so if you have a sleepy baby, wake them every 3 hours or so.

newborn baby clothes

Newborn Clothes that you need for the First 8 Weeks

A newborn will need a few key items of clothes, especially in the first 8 weeks. New babies can make a mess so it is important that you get multiples of each item, but you are still able to keep your newborn baby clothes to a minimum.

Here is a list of newborn clothes that you need in the first 8 weeks.

10 Baby Bodysuits


Baby bodysuits are a must as they create the foundation for every baby outfit. Baby bodysuits add an extra layer of warmth to your baby and they snap between the legs so they stay put and other clothing will not rub on your new baby’s delicate skin.

You are able to find a variety of baby bodysuits that come in all colors or have witty sayings on them.

7 Sets of Baby Sleepwear

There are a variety of styles when it comes to baby sleepwear. You are able to find one pieces that snap or zip from the leg to the chin, two-piece outfits and bag sleepers.

With baby sleepwear you need to make sure that it fits correctly to avoid the risk of accidental suffocation.

7 One Piece Outfits

One-piece outfits are also called rompers and coveralls and will make it easier to dress your newborn baby in those first few weeks.

There are a variety of one-piece outfits that are colorful, feature embroidery and are comfortable for your baby.

1 Sweater or Jacket

A sweater or jacket will be needed if the weather is cool. You should find ones that button up or zip up so you don’t have to put it over your baby’s head. You shouldn’t put a heavy jacket on your baby when they are being buckled into the car seat as its not safe, so rather go for a car seat bunting that covers the baby in the car seat.

Crib Shoes

Socks for babies will keep the little feet warm, but they often fall off. Crib shoes will stay on and keep the little feet warm. Go for crib shoes that have an elastic ankle.

Hats or Caps

Your newborn baby will need a hat to protect them from the elements and so that they are able to maintain their body temperature.

Babies that are born in the summer will need a wide brim hat that has a Velcro or snap closure under the chin.

Babies that are born in winter will need a knit cap, which covers their ears.

Infant Bunting

If your baby is born in winter then they need bunting and they come in a variety of styles. It doesn’t matter where your baby goes even if it’s just to the car, they will need bunting. Bunting fits over the car seat securely so your baby stays warm and dry.




Tips for Your First Month with a New-born

If you have just had a baby or are expecting, the first month may seem overwhelming, but here are some tips that will help you along the way with your new-born.


Keep Trying

You need to learn what your baby will respond to whether it’s feeding time, play time or sleep time. You should try different techniques when your baby is fussing so that you are able to understand what he or she likes and dislikes.

What Your Baby Needs

For the first few days you should get a feel of what your baby needs instead of just forcing a schedule upon her. Let your baby eat on demand instead of following a every two hour routine, as your baby may need to eat more than that and especially in the first month.

Limit Exposure

You don’t need to keep your baby inside your home for the first month, but you should limit their expose to crowds and lots of people.

What Does your Gut Say?

You will receive a lot of advice as a new mum, but you shouldn’t listen too much. You know your baby best so listen to your instincts and to your baby.

Get Some Sleep

One of the most difficult parts of being a new mum is the lack of sleep. If your baby has a mid-morning nap then also have one, even if you don’t sleep you need some down time.


With a new-born you will never know what to expect, so when you leave the house take extra everything just in case.

You Time

It can be difficult to find a spare minute just for you with a new born, but even just getting 10 minutes in the day can make all the difference to how you feel whether you take a bath, read or just pamper yourself.

Ask for Help

Raising a bay is hard, so if you need some help then ask.


weight gain

Here are some tips that you can use to prevent excessive weight gain during your pregnancy.

The fact is that every pregnant woman will gain weight. If you have a pre-pregnancy body weight that is healthy that you can expect to gain about 25 to 35 pounds. If you are underweight then you will gain about 40 pounds and if you are overweight then you will gain an extra 20 pounds. However, there will be deviations from this and if you do gain more you will be able to burn this excessive off after you have given birth.

Eating for Two

Whilst your baby is growing it is a fraction of the size of an adult, so you do not need to feed the baby like it is one. When you are pregnant you will need to consume an extra 150 calories a day during the first few months and an extra 300 calories a day for the rest of the pregnancy.

Foods that contain lots of fiber like fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains will be able to fill you up and you will feel fuller for longer. You should eat these types of foods every few hours to avoid hunger pangs that will drive you to high calorie snacks.

Satisfying Cravings

Whenever you eat you will be nourishing your body and helping your little baby to grow. If you always turn to foods that are high in sugar and fat then have a think of how these will affect your baby. You will need to find nutritious alternatives to the foods that you want.

Don’t Stop Moving


If you exercised before your pregnancy then you can continue during your pregnancy, but you should check with your doctor. You should though listen to your body and only do exercises that you can. You should also include strength training exercises as muscle mass burns calories.

If you didn’t exercise before but want to start then you should speak to your doctor. You will probably start with gentle exercises at first.

Getting Sleep

It can be hard to get the rest you need as a new mum to be, but by not getting enough sleep you could be adding on weight as your metabolism slows down. You will then eat more and you will be too tired to exercise.

Keeping Track

You should try and keep track of your calorie intake by writing everything down and be honest about it.


You know what the right food choices are but you should allow yourself to give into those insatiable cravings. If you don’t satisfy it now you will only crave it more and end up binging. You should allow yourself small indulgences a few times a week.

cold spoon

Beauty Tips for Tired Mums

We all love a good night’s sleep that will make us feel refreshed and feeling wonderful, but as a mum a full eight hours sleep is a distant memory so if you can’t get a full night’s sleep then you need these beauty tips that will make even the most tired of mums feel wonderful.

Cream Maskcream mask

Post pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation can play havoc with water retention, but you are able to combat this with a cream mask. A cream mask will not set hard but they feel amazing and soak into the skin to make it feel hydrated and smooth. You can even leave a cream mask on overnight and allow it to soak into the skin so you feel fresh and glow.

A Cold Spoon

Puffy bags under your eyes are a sure sign of sleep deprivation. A quick fix that you can use is cold metal spoons on the eye which will help to tighten the skin. You can also shrink the tissue under the eye with a haemorrhoid cream or a natural stringent witch hazel.

Dark Circles

Dark circles also become apparent when you do not get enough sleep. You can combat these dark circles by applying a concealer with a small brush and then blending it with your finger. An inexpensive option for medium to full coverage is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. If you prefer a matt finish then try the MAC Pro Longwear. If you need something stronger than a concentrated formula is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer.

Curl those Eyelashes

One way to make you look awake is to curl your eyelashes. This will make your eyes look more open and fresh looking.

A Quick Beauty Look

Tired mums are usually busy mums so you need to stick to a quick an easy beauty regime that will make you look and feel wonderful. BB creams are multi-purpose as it’s a foundation, a moisturizer and a sunscreen all in one. Also apply a light lip gloss or lipstick using your finger tip to press it on your lips. You can also blend it on your cheeks for an instant blush.

Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes

As a busy mum you should still make time for a professional eyebrow shape and eyelash tint. An eyelash tint will give you the eye opening look of mascara without the hassle of having to apply mascara. Shaped eyebrows are also able to make a huge difference to your look and will make you feel groomed.

There are many beauticians that will come to you for treatments so you can stay at home, keep an eye on the kids and get pampered.


sexy mum

Mums work hard and it is an endless job, meaning that it can be difficult to find you time and to also be sexy. In order to be a sexy mum you need to find personal time. Here is how you are able to be a sexy mum according to

sexy mum

  1. Dress Sexy

Your body is not what it used to be so don’t dress the way you use to, but embrace your new form and dress with it. Get a flattering dress or a hot pair of pants that shows off your curves. Accessories are key so get some cute shoes and a handbag is a great way for you to feel glammed up.

  1. Pamper Yourself

As a mum you won’t be able to spend hours at a spa, but you can set aside time to pamper yourself. Get a new nail polish, take a relaxing bath, exfoliate, shave your legs and put on luxurious lotion.

  1. Flirt

Why not flirt with your spouse throughout the day through text messages and emails to feel sexy.

  1. Bedroom Ware

Mums have a tendency to wear unflattering nightgowns. A sexy mum though would wear chemises, baby dolls and other figure hugging items. These will make you feel sexy and your spouse will also like it.

  1. Get Fit

Getting into a workout routine will make you feel good physically and mentally. Mums that work out have more energy and more self-esteem. You can go to yoga classes, spend time at the gym or work at home with a fitness DVD.

Being a sexy mum is a mindset and just because you are a mum does not mean that you can’t look and feel sexy.



Tips for Busy Mums to Stay Fit

stay fit

Being a mum is a full time job and it requires pretty much all of your time and attention, but as a mum you need to learn how to stay fit so that you can be healthy for your children and also teach them good habits to have.

As a mum you are constantly on the go and juggling all the different tasks that you have and staying fit usually gets side-tracked.

Here are some tips that you can use to stay fit and can fit into your busy schedule.


Driving is the quicker option in most situations, but walking is the healthier option. If you are just running a quick errand then try to walk or even bike there instead of hopping in your car. You will feel good about yourself and also walking doesn’t harm the environment.

Exercise with the Kids

Try and find ways that you are able to include your kids in your workout. This is not only fun, but both you and your kids will be getting exercise.

Turn Chores into a Workout

Cleaning and other household chores is something that can’t be escaped and is also used as an excuse by many mums to get out of exercising. You can though turn those daily chores into a workout. You can do your chores with more energy or put on some music and dance whilst you clean.

Cans for Weights

Instead of spending money on buying weights rather just use a few everyday household items. For instance when you are making cereal for the kids do a few curls with the carton or use cans as weights.

Personal Trainer at Home

Instead of going out to get fit why not rent or buy a fitness video, which will then allow you to work out from the comfort of your home.

Fit in the Office

Workdays are full of opportunities to get fit. Instead of taking the elevator rather take the stairs. When you are sitting at your desk do some stretching exercises and also go outside for lunch. There are 8 hours in a work day so you need to make them count. Also exercise at work can help with stress.



Having a Healthy Pregnancy

One of the most important times to start taking care of you both physically and emotionally is during pregnancy. Here are some tips that you can follow to give you the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy.

healthy pregnancy

Having a Healthy Pregnancy

See Your Doctor or Midwife

Once you have found out that you are pregnant you should get in touch with your midwife or GP as soon as possible to organise your antenatal care. By organising your care early on you will receive advice for a healthy pregnancy right from the start as well as have time to organise ultrasound scans and tests.


You should try to have a balanced and healthy diet when you can and strive to have:

  • Five portions of fruit and veg daily
  • Eat plenty of carbohydrates, but opt for wholegrain instead of white to get more fibre
  • Daily servings of proteins and dairy products
  • Try and have two portions of fish a week. One of these should be an oily fish. Fish contains vitamin D, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for your baby’s nervous system.

In the first six months of pregnancy you will not need to have extra calories. In the last three months you will need to add an extra 200 calories a day.


Supplements during pregnancy are not a substitute for a healthy diet, but if you think that you are not eating well or are too sick to eat then supplements can help.

The supplement needs to contain 400 micrograms of folic acid as you will need this in when you are trying for a baby and in the first three months of pregnancy. Folic acid helps in reducing the risk of your baby developing a neural tube defect.

The supplement should also contain 10mcg of vitamin D for your babies bone health.

Talk to your GP about pregnancy supplements.

Food Hygiene

There are some foods that are not the safest to eat during pregnancy as they can carry a health risk to your baby.

These foods should be avoided as they may have listeria:

  • All pate
  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Undercooked ready meals
  • Soft and mould ripened cheeses
  • Blue veined cheeses.

Salmonella can cause food poisoning and can get it from:

  • Undercooked poultry
  • Soft boiled and raw egg

Toxoplasmosis is rare but you can cut down on catching it by:

  • Cooking meat and ready meals thoroughly
  • Washing fruit and veg
  • Wear gloves when handling garden soil and cat litter.


Mums to be can benefit from regular exercise as you are able to build your strength and endurance which will help you cope better with the extra weight of pregnancy. It will also make it easier for you to get back into shape after your baby is born and lift your spirits.

Exercises that are good for pregnancy are:

  • Swimming
  • Brisk walks
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Aqunatal classes

You should also look at doing pelvic floor exercises to strengthen these muscles as they can become weak during pregnancy and your pelvic floor can slacken. Having strong pelvic floor muscles will help to ward of stress incontinence that is releasing small amounts of urine when you laugh or exercise for instance.

You should aim to do eight pelvic floor squeezes three times a day.

Other things that you can do for a healthy pregnancy, is to stop drinking alcohol, quit smoking and get plenty of rest.




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Hello fellow moms and dads!

Can you believe that school is here again? This weekend I will take the clothes off of layaway and buy the rest of the school supplies as noted by the teachers. This years marks the year that two kids will be going to school. Soph will be in preschool and Owen in 2nd grade. My my … where does the time go?

My hopes are high for a good year. I am going to have to become even more organized and strict with my schedule as my two school-agers are going to have different schedules themselves.

How do you get ready for the school year?