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The product is made from the finest, clinically proven – patented ingredients straight from France. It is allergen-free and guaranteed to help you get rid of those unsightly dark under-eye circles.

This product was introduced in Europe and is now being sold in the United States!

Great skin care starts with Vivexin.

Hello fellow moms and dads!

Can you believe that school is here again? This weekend I will take the clothes off of layaway and buy the rest of the school supplies as noted by the teachers. This years marks the year that two kids will be going to school. Soph will be in preschool and Owen in 2nd grade. My my … where does the time go?

My hopes are high for a good year. I am going to have to become even more organized and strict with my schedule as my two school-agers are going to have different schedules themselves.

How do you get ready for the school year?

My husband is a golfer! It is a sport that was passed down from his dad. My hubby recalls many great weekends during the spring, summer and fall when his whole family would spend the day on the golf course. He entered into a few tournaments and received golf trophies and medals!

My husband hasn’t golfed regularly in years. His hobbies changed up a bit but he still loves a good golf game! He even gave me his mom’s golf clubs in hopes that I would pick up the hobby also.

I haven’t yet but perhaps in time I will pick up golfing!

To those who have golfers in the family — where do you buy the best golfing products?

My my how the time flies! Can you believe we are already past the 4th of July and steadily moving to the middle of the month? For most of us, that means only 1-1/2 months until the kids go back to school!

One item to purchase that is on everyone’s list: back-to-school back packs. Many times, I will purchase a back pack and immediately write my child’s name in it right away in case it gets lost or stolen at school. This year however, I am thinking that I may try to personalize the back pack a bit and get my child’s name embroidered on it.

Some of us cannot afford cable television. In that case, we turn to regular television that we can get with an antenna. Did you know that you can get indoor hdtv antennas for your high def television?

Even if you can’t afford cable television, you don’t have to suffer with low quality basic cable on your High Definition television!

My husband and I invested in an HDTV antenna and were able to get extra channels as a result! :)

Every once in awhile, I will feel the urge to try something new to help increase the amount of weight loss. The fact of the matter is, sometimes even the best diet pills can be extremely helpful when trying to speed up the process of losing weight. Especially, if you are struggling with those last few pounds!

Have you tried diet pills? If so, did you like them? Why or why not?

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Logo

I have some lowe’s coupons to pass out here! Just click on the link and you will find some good deals! I have printed out a few of the coupons myself — especially the one that allows me to save 35% Lowe’s Werner Ladder sale! :)

I love Lowe’s. Anytime my husband and I need something for our home — whether we are doing a construction project or looking at replacing light fixtures, we go straight to Lowe’s.

Last year, when we first bought our house, I was at Lowe’s almost every other day for two weeks straight buying paint supplies and asking questions about home projects! The employees were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Good customer service always wins me over — regardless of price. However, in the case of Lowe’s, they offer both competitive pricing and great customer service! :)

What has been your Lowe’s experience?

So, I am leaving on a week-long trip with the kids next week. My husband is already fretting about what he will eat while I am gone. It seems he has already figured out that he will be eating sandwiches and anything else that is quick and easy to make. Meaning, he wont get a hot meal until I return.

Of course, I plan on cooking a little and freezing meals for him before I leave. Goodness, I almost feel like I need to start ordering restaurant supplies along with a cute little chef’s outfit so that I can be his short order cook from now until I leave for vacation. :)

One of my favorite cousins has graduated from high school this past year. So, we are heading on a trip up north to see her and party the weekend away! Her grad party is on Sunday and I am just so excited for her!

Did you have a graduation to celebrate this year?